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Pride, guilt & a bit of mindfulness

With a weird mix of pride and guilt, I have to let you know things are going really well at Indiandribble. We’ve had our fair share of cancelled events and activations that resulted in a very short period of corona depression, but we picked up the pieces quickly. Our team has proven to be a bunch of karma chameleons (the true kind that is). We never made as much presentations and scenario’s for prospects and clients alike.

We’ve set up corona proof test drives, pushed conversion numbers with effective social media campaigns and organised sales drives to coffee bars with barista profiles. We shipped numerous boxes to prize winners all over Belgium and worked with the Smurfs brand bible for a new client. We Covid-proofed our own initiatives as well. The national breakfast week was pushed on social channels and our own family festival WonderWeekend went local and caught the attention of the national TV news. 

So we didn’t sleep too much and are actually in need of a real holiday. 🙂

But how is your mental health doing these days? We’d like to know how you’re coping. What helps you stay on track. I’ll lead by example and share what I’m doing to keep my head sane and yes I’m doing quite alright actually.


On march 20th, 2 days after the lockdown started, I put together a Spotify playlist named Corona depression. The veil of dark and moody thoughts that hung over our business, our lives and the world are best soothed with music for me. 

Tim Hardin’s  ‘How can we hang on to a dream’ was the second track I added, and seems to be the unfortunate theme for a lot of businesses that have been in and out of lockdown this year.  I’m still adding songs to this list and many others that lighten up my spirits.


Reading books, the kind that help you get away from it all has always been a strong keeper for me so I strongly recommend 3 books I read in the last few months:

Before the Coffee Gets Cold by Toshikazu Kawaguchi – A story about a coffee bar where one can travel back in time.

Vloed by Roderik Six – A number of students are stuck in a student housing block as the rest of the world seems flooded.

Crusade in Jeans by Thea Beckman – Cult teenage fiction about a boy who travels in a time machine to the Middle Ages and takes part in a giant children’s crusade.


Running twice a week helps me empty my head and fill it with fresh ideas. 

So now I want to hear from you. What have you been up to in order to keep your mind fresh and crisp? Send me your suggestions via the form below and let’s exchange tips and tricks and make these dark times a bit more bearable.

Send us your recommendations!

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