The current Corona crises is affecting us all. At Indiandribble we postponed no less than 9 events just days before lockdown, and since then the guesstimation of the new postponed dates are moving further away day by day. We’re not even sure these events and activations will still happen this year.
Yet, this time is the perfect opportunity to get in touch with a few of peers in various industries. Asking them how they are coping with the situation and how they are preparing for the post corona future. 
A conversation with Ineke

Let's talk Covid and sustainability with Ineke. As creator of the 'Mei Plasticvrij' campaign and co-founder of Billie Cup, she had a thing or two to say about the impact of the crisis on our planet, and the other way around.

A conversation with Vanessa

Schooling has met its challenges the last couple of months. Vanessa De Wilde discusses the struggles she's facing as a college professor and how she's handling the journey of obtaining her doctorate during a pandemic.

A conversation with Kim

As a pneumologist Kim De Muynck stands in the middle of the Corona storm. With knowledge, practical experiences and in full protective gear she and her colleagues are fighting fear and virus.

A conversation with Fred

What is it like to deal with a humanitarian crisis during the health crisis called Corona? Read all about it in the Covid Conversation with Fred Bordon, spokesperson for NHCR - The UN refugee Agency

A conversation with Eva

Being Chief Editor of Flair, one of the most populair magazines for young adults, Eva shares her insights on the impact of Covid on youngsters and the effect of the lockdown on print media. Also, positive vibes!

A conversation with Niel

A travel blogger who won’t be able to travel for quite some time. Enter: Niel from Tjoolaard. It’s safe to say we’ll be lucky if we can cross the borders of our provinces. So how is a guy that lives to travel and explore cope with that?

A conversation with Kate

Kate Stockman is a trendanalyst and business strategist. Taking a break from traveling the world, Kate reflects about our future reality, suggests eating oysters and download the app “Nothing”, we did… nothing happened.

A conversation with Tine

As a gymnast trainer Tine has travelled all over the world and helped youngster make perfect somersaults and push their boundaries. We asked how she’s coping with the crisis and how she sees the sporting industry evolve.

A conversation with Cathy

Being the General Director of Kunst in Huis, Cathy enlightens us how they're approaching these tough times and if art is truly the answer when you're stuck in quarantine.

A conversation with Clo

Let's talk tech! Clo Willaerts always has a Go Bag in her car (really?) and ran a government program 15 years ago to launch e-working. Find out how she sees the industry evolving.

A conversation with Hakim

The Swiss Pocketknife of Flemish media usually combines 2 or 3 dayjobs with late night dj sets. Hakim tells us how he's dealing with the criss, all whilst celebrating Ramadan - alone.

A conversation with Tine

Tine reps the Underwear lingeriestore in Rue Dansaert and shares how, due to the crisis, they took their shopping experience to the next level. Yes, it involves pics of them in their underwear!

A conversation with Aurélie & Eva

Let's give it up for our interns! We were wondering how people who are just about to start their professional trajectory are coping with the lockdown. Enter: les stagiaires!

A conversation with Anton

Being the Music Production Officer at BOZAR, Anton shares how they're handling the lockdown and reveals that the virus lays bare a sad truth about the system.

A conversation with Jef

Self proclaimed voyeur/photographer, Jef Boes, introduced FaceTime Portraits long before the Covid crisis. He shares his hopes for more creative and fairer photography in the future.

A conversation with Charlotte

As one of the most promising artists of 2020, Charlotte Adigéry talks to us how she's handling her time off. It involves: talking to plants, a missing Instagram app, cats and zen-energy.

A conversation with Arne

Being the co-founder of Volta - a great concert venue and music hub in Brussels - Arne knows a thing or two about the impact of the crisis on the cultural sector. He shares his findings and the need for solidarity in these times.

A conversation with Dieter

A journalist, curator and communication expert – Dieter is everything-design – except for being a designer himself. We asked him to imagine what our post-Covid19-world will look like and what role design will take in this new era.

A conversation with Eva

Eva is the founder of Evin, a cosy and accessible wine bar in the city center of Ghent. Her remarkable adaption as a response to the Corona crisis got our attention: quality wine, delivered to your doorstep, by bike. Yas.

A conversation with Max

As the the Communication Officer for Ancienne Belgique, Max shines a light on how one of the most iconic venues of Belgium is coping with the crisis and reveals why he's a bit sceptic on relying on online platforms.

A conversation with Karen

A funny lady who has her finger on the pulse of pop culture and general randomness. We wondered how she is handling the corona crisis and if she sees new opportunities for her business, her webshop KOAREN.

A conversation with Seb

A solid reference that can tell us more on how things are going in catering and events is Sebastiaan Tips, co-owner of Coeur Catering. We thought it would be interesting to pick his brain on a couple of subjects.

A conversation with Lefto

This guy hardly needs any introduction in Brussels. We thought he might clear up a thing or two on how it’s like for DJs and people in the music industry during these strange times.