Alpro’s Back to Business Box

A whole lotta marble.

It has been a fascinating journey to help create the new visual identity for Alpro’s Barista ‘For Professional’ range. To present this newly designed assortment to coffee bars we created a toolbox containing various gadgets. This gesture was perfectly timed to give the coffee bars a supporting push after re-opening their business post-Covid.

Inside you can find thermo stickers for your pitcher, stickers, pins, recipes, an embroidered apron and, as the cherry on top, a brand new magazine. When Alpro asked us to create a leaflet explaining the importance of sustainability in everything they do, we decided to up the level and create a magazine instead. Dividing the content up in various articles, we made sure to present the important messages of Alpro the best way we can. Visuals and copy by yours truly.

– Alpro –

was founded over 35 years ago to create a sustainable way to feed the world by producing naturally nutritious plant-based alternatives to dairy.