Alpro Europe

Pick your colour

Last month, we unleashed our inner coffee freak – again – by representing Alpro at the Amsterdam Coffee Festival. After the success of the Almond Nitro Station last year, we decided it was now time to focus on their wide range of products and their endless, delicious possibilities. Out came the ‘Pick Your Colour’ wall where we showcased various recipes based on a specific Alpro ‘For Professionals’ drink combined with one key ingredient such as matcha, turmeric, beetroot or chocolate. Yum.

Visitors could tear the recipe of their choice off the wall and ask the Alpro barista to create the drink on the spot. Or you could just treasure the recipe for ever and try it out at home. Yes, they were all equally tasty. And yes, we did try them all. No need to judge.

– Alpro –

was founded over 35 years ago to create a sustainable way to feed the world by producing naturally nutritious plant-based alternatives to dairy.