Boule de New York

Crispy treats from heaven.

When a tasty treat comes along that combines the wonderful puff pastry of a croissant with the delightful texture of a deep-fried doughnut, all topped off with a delicious stuffing – we have to get involved! We had the opportunity to create and launch the branding and positioning of this new little tastemaker. And oh boy, did we!

We proposed to launch the product with a new signature version: the Boule de New York Speculoos. Alongside a catchy name, a kickass identity and trendy packaging – we trusted Chef Patissier Fabrice Collignon to bring a little magic to our tasty treat. To put this little piece of heaven in the picture, we first created awareness using a tailor made PR-& social media campaign. After the product was introduced into the market we hit the roads with our Boulde de New York Food Truck. We selected 10 coffee bars who became the exclusive points of sale for the first three months, creating a direct link with our food truck.

Once the launch of the Boule de New York was completed, the Boule de New York Speculoos traded it’s place in sweet candyland with his successors: Boule de New York Vanilla & Chocolate. Yum!

– Boule de New York –

is a tasty treat produced by the Belgian Vandermoortele group.