Café Recupel

Recycling was never so efficient or fun!

Belgian students are not the best recyclers of paper, plastic and glass bottles. They are even less motivated when it comes to recycling small electric appliances. Razors, headphones and old computer keyboards find their way to the regular trash bins way too often. Luckily Recupel succeeds in recycling more than 95% of these items!

To raise awareness amongst the students we created a pop-up café that tours the Belgian universities. Café Recupel offers hot-dogs, beer and soft drinks in exchange for old electrical appliances. There is no better occasion to drink a cold beer with your friends when it’s for the environment! Cheers!

– Recupel –

is a Belgian non-profit association that is responsible for organising the collection and processing of discarded electr(on)ic appliances and light bulbs.