Diamanti Per Tutti

Shine bright like a diamond.

Diamanti Per Tutti always delivers when it comes to creating beautiful pieces of jewelry for an affordable price. They also know how to surprise us with interesting collaborations. We were very excited to learn that this fall they would release a collection with Nafi Thiam. Yes, that Nafi Thiam. The Belgian heroine who won gold in the heptathlon. Turns out, Nafi also deserves medals when it comes to fashion and style.

To get her fanbase to the shop, we launched a social media campaign on Facebook and Instagram. We kept the design of the content very simple and clean so the jewelry pieces would get all the attention they deserve. To give our target group different experiences, we applied various ads and worked with the latest ad designs of Facebook.

Definitely a winner this one!

– Diamanti Per Tutti –

is a company from Antwerp with a mission to make diamonds fun, fashionable and affordable.