Kunst in Huis ’19

Art for every season

After last years succes we were asked to create the new digital campaign for Kunst in Huis. To celebrate their new try-out subscription (6 months for €50, instead of €89) we focused our content creation on a new theme: “Kunst in Huis, season after season”.

Here it goes. As you hang your brand new art work in your home, it might take you by surprise how you can discover new things as time goes by. We wanted to showcase the effect seasons can have on your mood and taste! Maybe the painting you lent will get a different meaning during the winter holidays than the hot summer months. After a year, you can totally fall in love with the art work and purchase it. Or feel the need for something new and thus exchange it for something else.

We decided to translate this concept quite literally by photographing the same painting in the same setting yet decorated for different seasons. Immediately the mood of the room changes and the art piece gets a new dimension. We used this content in various ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to spread awareness about this special promo to all Belgian art lovers. Click on the images to see the stop motions!

– Kunst in Huis –

is an organisation that functions as a library where you can lend contemporary art for 12 euros / month.