Latte Art Throwdown

A gathering for coffee lovers.

Imagine your daily Latte with a dash of Almond… It was our challenge to introduce this plant based drink from Alpro to all coffee bars and barista’s in Ghent, Antwerp & Amsterdam. The key to success was an exciting competition called ‘The Latte Art Throwdown’ in which barista’s battle for the best looking latte in the coolest bars in town. Where of course the easy-going vibe of the barista’s is ever present.

In a single knock out competition the contenders get 5 minutes to create their most beautiful swan, heart or tulip with Coconut or Soya milk from Alpro. Three notable jury members decide who goes to the next round. In the finals the competitors have the chance to blow everyone’s mind with their best latte art. This is the moment to show off  their skills with the new Almond for professionals.

Doesn’t sound coffee geeky enough? The winner of the competition goes home with a ticket for CoLab in Belfast. A weekend where barista’s can follow workshops, lectures and tastings about, you guessed it,… coffee!

– Alpro –

 was founded over 35 years ago to create a sustainable way to feed the world by producing naturally nutritious plant-based alternatives to dairy.