Lidl’s Snoepermarkt

Little (snacks) goes a long way.

We were asked to create an innovative activation for Lidl that would focus on fresh fruit and vegetables. Out came the ‘Lidl Snoepermarkt’ because what’s fresher and more magical than vegetables that you eat … right off the plant? Uhm, nothing!

At Lidl’s Snoepermarkt, families could stroll right into our glasshouse and pick their candy vegetables right there on the spot. And Lidl had a lot to offer: various mini tomatoes, cucumbers, paprikas and more! The result? Uncountable “oohs” and “aahs” during the activation.

Don’t believe us? Watch the aftermovie right here!

– Lidl –

is a German global discount supermarket chain that operates over 10.000 stores across Europe and the United States.