Escape rooms inside historical buildings.

Monumentenwacht Vlaanderen blew out 25 candles in 2017, the perfect opportunity to get to know the monument guards and their work in an original way. To celebrate this special occasion there were various activities at two heritage locations: basiliek Grimbergen & Olv-Kerk Aarschot.

To give visitors an unforgettable experience we designed a physical adventure game… an escape room!

The participants had to step into the shoes of the monument guards and find the three parts of their outfit to be able to carry out the emergency repairs on the clock tower. By cracking different codes and solving riddles they got a piece of the outfit of the monument guard. The fastest team who was able to win the three outfits in the three different rooms won a spectacular descent of the church tower.

– Monumentenwacht Vlaanderen –

is a Belgian non-profit association that is concerned with the maintenance of historically valuable heritage and has grown into the center of expertise in the field of preventive conservation in the five Flemish provinces