Thank you. Obrigado.  

No, we mean it. Literally, thank you! This new brand of coconut water from Brazil is something we can only be grateful for!

Thanks to a patented proces where the water is extracted directly from the coconut and has no further contact with oxygen or light – we receive an excellent tasting product. In Brazil the Obrigado brand is synonymous for high quality products and respect for the environment. Not only do they have a zero waste policy, their factory also uses every single bit of the coconut. In this way, the fiber mats of the coconuts find another purpose in agriculture. Again, thanks – Obrigado.

No wonder our activation for this tasteful product is as straightforward as it is effective. We created a crisp and clean white sampling vehicle that allows consumers to taste this high end product at premium locations throughout city centers.

– Obrigado –

is a new brand of coconut water that comes straight from Brazil.