Flanders DC

Hit the road jack!

When ‘ondernemers ondernemen voor iedereen’ approached us to create an installation that put both small and large entrepreneurs in the spotlight – we didn’t hesitate and thought ‘the bigger the better’. We hit the road(show) with this gigantic installation and halted at 9 Flemish cities for one week. The idea to play around with the perspective is the key element of this project. The installation is made of different cubes where each one shows the story of a local entrepreneur, what they do and who they are. As you walk around the platform, the bigger pictures becomes more clear, and yes that is meant to be taken literally. 

A big shout out to Boondoggle for this collaboration and trusting us with this roadshow! 

– ondernemers ondernemen voor iedereen –

is a campaign that aims to increase the appreciation of entrepreneurs among the general public.