‘I don’t want none unless you got buns, hun’

We introduced the concept of recipe based marketing to Pastridor – a well known producer of bake-off products. After being introduced to its range of Gourmet Burger Buns, we got seduced to create a recipe and identity for one of the buns. 

After some wild brainstorming, we came up with the name, logo and visual ID for the first of many to come of Pastridor recipes. Indeed, the Balencia Burger was born. 

Next up was implementing this beaut’ to the market by introducing it to QSR’s (Quick Serving Restaurants, that is) and handing them the tools to help them sell it. A custom burger wrap, skewers with flags to help it get noticed on the table when served, POS materials, … But also a full-blown social media kit filled with pictures, snippets and videos optimised for every known platform – of which the content was also produced by us here at Indiandribble. Tasty stuff.

– Pastridor –

is a part of Lantmännen Unibake – one of Europe’s largest bakery groups with 36 bakeries in 21 countries – and one of the best known and promoted bake-off brands on the market.