Life with Payconiq, it’s funtastiq.

Paying with Payconiq means that you can leave everything at home. Although it’s best you wear clothes, but that’s just our recommendation. Because smart people want to go through life without queues we ended up creating a festival booth that was all about having an experience without the wait. And thus the secret party in our Payconiq Funtastiq booth was born!

First use the Payconiq app, then transport yourself and your friends to a 1 square meter party. Step into our booth, choose your song and try all the hidden buttons: smoke machine, disco ball, led floors, strobe light and many more. Lose yourself in the booth, surrender to the music and decide what kind of madness you want to experience!

– Payconiq –

is an electronic payment system that lets you transfer money with your smartphone to friends, shops and events. It is currently active in the Benelux and Germany.