WonderWeekend 2017

Oh Wonder!

WonderWeekend is a family festival with an overnight stay in the beautiful Botanic Garden in Meise. Together with your little ones you experience a mini-vacation whilst being amazed by the most magical happenings!

Eating with your hands is more than normal in the Restaurant Zonder Bestek, and sleeping was never so much fun in a self-painted cardboard tent. Still not convinced? Wait until you swam in a car, help create a work of art with 8,000 bamboo sticks and of course participate in the nightly tour around the garden with fairytale torches. This year children were amazed by real-life giraffes, Scubabianci and the WonderBoekenFestival.

Expect the unexpected at WonderWeekend because truly magical things are happening here!

– WonderWeekend –

is an annual festival at the Botanic Garden in Meise with a purpose to create the most amazing, wonderful memories with your family.