Inspired by…

Here’s to something new! We’re constantly improving our knowledge and finding new inspiration by attending various lectures and workshops around the globe. And now we want to share it with you! So read up, absorb and save yourself an expensive ticket. 😉 

Up first, the Fast Company Innovation Festival in New York, visited by Bernard!

Set in the hustle and bustle of New York, the festival has a central hub that features your usual packed seminar sessions with hundreds of people listening to a few amazing speakers. But next to that, the festival has a fast track that gives you access to a series of startups, creative studios and buzzed-about companies that invite you to hear their story first hand. It gives you a taste of their company vibe and spirit, office and people. Here are a few of the companies we visited and a short insight on what we learned.

“It still blows my mind I get paid to do this!” When the Senior VP of a company starts a presentation with this sentence, expectations are high. Virtue is a full service agency born from VICE magazine. Example: for their client weedmaps, they decided to build the museum of weed, a 30,000 square foot pop-up museum, a different way of communicating on weed.

What if you could use cultural intelligence to help take your business into the future?
Enter Sparks & Honey. They translate culture into structural data. Every day they integrate anywhere between 100,000 and 200,000 ‘signals’ into their intelligence platform. These signals can be patents, newspaper articles, blogs, music, videos, academia… They are concocted into mega trends and macro trends that can be translated into practical and useful strategies for your business. Sounds complicated? Check out their latest paper on the precision consumer 2030 – when data becomes invisible.

This British animation and visual effects agency seems to literally own Hollywood. From the production of Game of Thrones, Harry Potter to even Paddington. But they also work on immersive experiences such as rides for Universal Studios or this amazing Field Trip to Mars. Last year, alongside Nasa, they launched an experience that allows you to virtually walk on the moon with your Samsung phone