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Working with barista’s has been a main focus of Indiandribble since the day we started. Obviously because we like beards, tattoo’s and our fix of caffeine in the morning.

In the past five years we’ve seen the coffee scene evolve dramatically. Supposedly we’re currently in the 3rd coffee wave. The wave of specialty coffee.

Unless you’ve spent the last five years on Mars you’ve seen coffee bars pop up on every other street corner. We’re not talking Starbucks here, but independent barista’s that set up shop for the love of beans.

Meanwhile the coffee chains are also booming like crazy. It makes us wonder how much coffee a person can handle without suffering from chronic insomnia.

The Evolution of the coffee market can be split into a number of waves starting with the 1st wave in the 60’s when coffee became widely available. Quantity was more important than quality, which explains why the introduction of coffee came with (a lot of) sugar to mask the bitter taste. On every stove a coffee pot kept brewing all day long.

Nespresso saw the light of day in the NINETIES and certainly pushed everybody away from the one size fits all dishwater some people used to drink.
Bernard Polet
Founder Indiandribble

The 2nd wave can be situated in the nineties. Quality coffee found its way to consumers and people began to understand that the origin of the beans is a significant step to fix a good cup of espresso. Nespresso saw the light of day in the nineties and certainly pushed everybody away from the one size fits all dishwater some people used to drink.

In today’s 3rd wave every coffee lover understands that coffee is the result of good beans, a top roaster, smart grinding and a barista that knows the importance of serving every coffee with a smile.

We see a lot of barista’s turning the art of coffee into science. So our prediction is that in the 4th wave of coffee we will see the barista as a scientist. Daily in-house roasting for exact periods of time at precise temperatures to offer the freshest quality, extreme water filtering to start with a fresh crisp base (check out the osmosis filter process here), grinding frozen beans to maintain the coffee flavor, cold brew, nitro coffee, precision tampering etc…

Every element that can be controlled, will be and will result in a better coffee experience for the consumer.

Are you still with us? Does anyone see the 5th wave coming?

If the science wave defines and documents all aspects of coffee making in the smallest detail and defines precisely what to do to obtain the best cup of Joe in the world. Then the only weak element in the brew process may well be the barista. Last year there’s already been been a lot of buzz around automated coffee: if you have the perfect recipe then the coffee robot may well be the best barista in town. 

Hasta la vista barista?