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The summer is typically the time of year to let go. Let go of your daily chores, let go of the standard 'metro-boulot-rhythm', relax, unwind, do what you feel like doing without anybody lifting a finger. But these days that seems like a hard thing to do. I know, the end of the summer is near, but today's news that parents of a local soccer club will no longer be allowed around the soccer field only if they're contained on a platform 15 meters away from the pitch is a nice example of the finger lifting society we have become. A society in which guilt is cultivated as a new and defining characteristic of our society's DNA.

Don’t get too distracted by this catchy classic by Wham!. No judgement here. We’re all guilty of enjoying some of the timeless tunes of the iconic British duo. But that’s not the only thing we’re guilty of this summer. Turns out, we’re all terrified of saying and doing the wrong thing or acting the wrong way. So before jumping into the daily grind of early September, here’s a list of everything you are potentially guilty of during this long hot summer:

Turns out, we're all terrified of saying and
doing THE WRONG THING or acting the wrong way.
Bernard Polet
Founder Indiandribble
  • Not sorting your trash.
  • Still driving around with a diesel engine.
  • Driving your car instead of taking your bike.
  • Flying to your holiday destination.
  • Smoking that one little cigarette at the festival.
  • Keeping track on how much alcohol you're actually allowed to drink and still drinking too much anyway.
  • Keeping data on people without their written approval.
  • Hurting an animal. Yes, mosquitoes are animals too.
  • Buying vegetables flown in from India or Africa.
  • Throwing out the veggies you bought from India or Africa.
  • Still hitting the 'remind me tomorrow' button on your computer for the last 50 summers.
  • Not working out.
  • Not putting on sun screen.
  • Being on your phone too damn much.
  • Posting way too much unnecessary stuff on Social Media.
  • Not aswering your whatsapps, messages, emails or voice calls within 24 hours.
  • Eating the other person's fries on the way home to keep yours full. You monster.
  • Lighting up a real barbecue, with real fire that is.
  • Filling up that baby pool, although it was forbidden.
  • Staring too long at this old school George Michael picture on the right and feeling confused.

So what does all of this have to do with our business? Well everything as it turns out. People’s current state of guilt also translates itself in how they experience events or activations. They are the perfect moment to escape our daily routine we are often trapped in. The challenge for us is to make them stop, look around and be amazed with the world around them. A perfect example of this is WonderWeekend, the family festival we organised last weekend in the Botanic Garden in Meise. The purpose is to make families enjoy the little magical moments of life: from wondrous activities such as walking with alpaca’s, watching the mesmerizing performance of Culbuto, swimming in the Smallest Subtropical Swimming Pool in the World to getting your feet dirty in the Wondrous-Bare-Feet-Trail! We had the time of our lives at WonderWeekend and, yes, for a minute we did forget all our guiltiness and finally enjoyed the summertime just in time for it to pass. 

Also. No specific reason for the George Michael spam. Just embrace it.