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In the last few years, without realising it, I seem to have applied the life long learning theory of taking at least one course a year. Looking back it seems I've made quite an eclectic mix of choices. I am now a certified beekeeper, took a course in art gallery management, learned basic photoshop skills, followed lessons in digital photography (yes I am serious and it was quite interesting actually), a series of 10 writing workshops, a speed barista course and more recently I started an inspiring course in woodworking.

Now, why would anybody want to take up studying or learning? We already spent enough blood, sweat and tears into getting our degree. Well for starters, every course creates the opportunity to distract yourself from your everyday metro-boulot-dodo and escape into a not so distant parallel reality. I myself am - sometimes to my great frustration - a jack of all trades and interested in just about everything. But more than just learning new skills, these courses are moments of reflection on what one does every day. It's the ideal occasion to loose yourself in an activity you didn't even realise could be so absorbing. Obviously these courses are also great opportunities to meet interesting and, let's be honest, not so interesting people. Not to mention, it's a great moment to switch off from your social channels. Yes, we're looking at you.

For a recent management team building for ING, Indiandribble organised a variety of workshops build around the five senses. These were good examples on the variety introduction courses can take. Taste was illustrated by an insect eating workshop. Sound by a mind blowing laughter workshop. Sight saw a cartoonist learning you the skills of making a caricature of your colleague. Smell was illustrated by an introduction to Scent Marketing. And finally, touch saw a professional fencer giving an introductory fencing course.

Obviously these courses are also great opportunities
to meet interesting and not so interesting new people,
not to mention a great moment to switch off your
digital social channels.
Bernard Polet
Founder Indiandribble

Now that the new school year has started, it seems like the perfect time to share some of the more exotic courses one can take on. Some in which we would gladly enroll in the near future. Here are a few quirky ideas to get through the long winter nights: 

Woodworking course at Atelier 35

Great course on fine carpentry and cabinet making with the Japanese Dozuki saw.

Courses in French and English only, most Dutch speakers seem to register for the English course that is given by Flemish speaking Gauthier. Course given in Ixelles.


Making Sourdough bread

De Superette in Gent did a few workshops that we unfortunately missed. They are currently looking for new work forces, so we hope their workshops will be back online soon. Send them an e-mail and give them some gentle pressure. 🙂


Broodbroeders in Mechelen seem to be on a high as well and are running multiple workshops:


Sausage making (no we’re not kidding)

Hendrik Dierendonck, the legendary butcher, loves to share his knowledge and know-how. Check out the leaflets in his butchershop for various workshops or get in touch with him to organise something yourselves.


Glass making workshop

This glass powerhouse in Gent offers introduction courses to shape, blow and mold your own glass objects.


Making your own Kimchi and other fermenthings

Fermenthings is a store concentrating on all things… fermenting.

The shop offers a vast collection of fermented beers and various tools you need to start a fermentation process. They also organise a series of interesting workshops. 

Personally, we’re looking forward to making our own Kimchee (yes that is the Korean spicy cabbage garlic combo we can’t get enough of).