On a recent trip to London we were looking forward to the closing week of V&A’s exhibition ‘Bigger than the Plate’. A “bold exhibition that explored current experiments at every stage of the food system – from compost to table”. An expo not to be missed for an agency counting some of the best food brands amongst his clients.

The scenography of the exhibit: an Acne pink floor-to-ceiling curtain and flabbergasting videos of the world food processing and production was very promising. Interestingly enough the most fascinating projects we came across where the ones that handled the waste generated before, during or after food production.

Discover a few of our favourites:


More coffee, you gotta be kidding… Kaffeeform recycles coffee grounds into cups and tableware that isn’t only sustainable but looks darn good as well! Gimme another shot! Order their stuff here!

Urban Mushroom Farm

Mushrooms growing from waste coffee grounds is something we’ve seen before. The Brussels startup Permafungi is in the business since 2014. But growing the mushrooms next to the V&A restaurant where you can eat them adds that little extra spice to the concoction. Do try at home! 

Orange Fiber

The citrus industry in Italy discards 1 million ton of citrus fruit peels annually. The peels are of course biodegradable but it costs a house to dispose of them properly. The start-up Orange Fiber has developed a fabric which is entirely made of waste citrus fruit peels. And yes, we can honestly say, it looks and feels like the textile you know. Juicy!


The cows on Gianantonio Locatelli’s dairy farm in Northern Italy produce around 30,000 liters of milk. The even better news is that they also produce 10,000 kilos of well… shit. Good news, we hear you say? Well yes! They mix the ‘merda‘ with straw, farm waste and about 18% of Tuscan clay.

Et voila, think flower pots or tiles that can be used on floors or walls and that look very similar to traditional terracotta tiles. As the V&A host explained: it’s very hygienic and yes you can touch it, really no problem. 🙂

Memorably mentions

In these troubled times of real uncertainty, the question remains: soft or hard brexit cups? 

Check out Company Drinks! A company where the commercial supports the communal and cultural. Their yearly hop-picking trip just took our breath away. They’ve been taking these yearly trips to Kent since the 1950’s! 


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