A Message from Bernard

Nature becomes you

In this past year I’ve been struck by the number of people that admitted the impact nature had on their general wellbeing. During lockdown folks started walking in pastures and woods, discovered birds in public parks and publicly declared it felt so good to be outside. The pandemic forced social distancing among humans, but also seems to have created a lot more intimacy with nature.

I don’t have a crystal ball, but I’m sure this closeness with nature and the outdoors in general is here to stay.  People massively started biking in cities, growing vegetables in gardens and in pots on terraces, started keeping chickens, and public parks seem to be more crowded than shopping streets today.

The international press is eager to support the benefits of nature on humans. Articles about Shinrin-yoku – the Japanese Forest bathing that lowers blood pressure, heartbeat and tension in the body are nature therapies that come with scientific proof.  Outdoor yoga and meditation or working with your bare hands in the garden soil are promoted as beneficial pass-times.

In this shopping-low era people are impressed by the simplicity of the efforts they do in nature compared with the impact they get. No materials or gear are needed for a date with nature.

Some economic indicators also seem to illustrate the importance of  being closer to nature, now more than ever.

These past months prices of real estate have been soaring for suburbian houses, appartments with terraces or communal gardens and summer dwellings at the seaside or in the Ardennes.

The hippest weekend destinations on Airbnb are now luxury wood shacks with bed views on trees and are rented out months in advance. A few visionary hoteliers saw it coming before the pandemic book them now for 2021: www.nutchel.be, www.hutstuf.com or www.murmuresnamur.be are some of our favourites.

One more? All things gardening and outdoor are booming. Pots, plants, soil, tools, live stock, canoes and tents, you name it!

But how can this work for our and your business?

– Have you ever thought of doing your weekly status meeting in the Sonian Forest? Wouldn’t it be nice if that meeting came with an Indiandribble picnic buffet for the coffee break?

– Before the much regretted 2nd lockdown a number of restaurants set up shop in pastures and gardens. Hey city mayors if you want to do something for the local restaurants this may be it, what brand wouldn’t want to support that idea?

– Do you have a garden at home or next to the office? Wouldn’t it be great if somebody else could enjoy it while you’re not there? Gardenbnb here we come!

We are convinced all businesses that leverage the benefits of nature will continue to thrive in the coming years and we are ready to part of that.

Interested in how nature can help your business sprout, give us a call or leave your remarks below! 

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