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How we (try to) keep it green

Whilst our streets are filling up with kids who skip school on a weekly basis to go strike for the climate – we figured it was only fitting to share some of our ‘keeping it green at the office‘ tips. Not only is this a social imperative, it’s also a must if you want to make your business future proof. So where do we start? If you want to go about this in a structured way the best is to perform a diagnostic of the various office practices and their impact on the climate. Let’s go! 

Getting to the office/warehouse

No surprises here! Our offices are right in the center of Brussels, so we’re pretty spoiled when it comes to public transportation options. Tram, bus, subway and train stations are within walking distance of our office. We try to avoid taking ‘the car’ since it’s actually the slowest way of getting around in the city. We have a DriveNow account and are big fans of Scooty, our electric scooter client. Recently we’ve also been using the electric steps for short distances and, of course, we’ve been early adopters of Uber.

Our office is on the 5th floor and our elevator from the 1930’s isn’t exactly the fastest. So the stairs are (for some colleagues) their daily stairmaster exercise. 😉

The office

Let’s talk about office equipment! 

+ 80% of the office lights are now LED’s.

+ We heard some offices are still using throw away cutlery or crockery. #rujoking? This is definitely a no go for us. We also use real towels instead of paper ones.

+ We have a dry toilet on the terrace that gets cleaned every once a month… Just checking if we still have your attention here. Euh, not yet.

+ When investigating renovations for your office, make sure to have a look at this Rotor DC website that recycles old building materials. 

+ Same goes for all the other stuff you might need. Check out this website ‘FaillissementsDossier’ we’re addicted to, it’s perfect for office furniture, warehouse racks and surprise lots. 


We try to avoid printing the best we can. But we still do. Sorry. 🙂 We use our wrongly printed paperwork as scrap paper. And yes, we recycle all the cartridges at our containerpark! Another way to avoid printing is to use online tools that skip paperwork all together. Teamleader is our go-to app for all our project management. It’s a Belgian company and was recently tipped as a potential unicorn.  All our accounting is now centralized in 1 application, a paperless bookkeeping system that accepts incoming invoices by upload, email or drag & drop.

Reduce, re-use & recycle

+ Obviously we’ve got our fair share of trash in the office, but we do recycle like mad men. Bernard often quizzes newcomers for the use of the white, blue and yellow trash bags. Education is crucial. 

+ Furniture and all working equipment that we don’t use anymore is given to our neighbours at Het Leger des Heils. Their thrift shop is worth a trip if you’re looking for some vintage treasures. 

+ Electronic equipment that is no longer working can be recycled. If you’re an avid INDR newsletter reader, you know all about the activities we’re organising for our client, Recupel. 

(Local) Food & Drinks

+ We all love that Nespresso capsule in the morning, but when you drink a zillion liters of caffeine, the good old cafetière does wonders for your stamina and the environment! Obviously, your local roaster (Caffènation in Antwerp / Or Coffee in Brussels) will provide you with the best beans imaginable.

+ Our fridge is stocked with large bottles of liquids that can be shared. No need for small sized packs here!

+ Drinking water runs out of the tap into our Brita waterfilter. 

+ On a – not too regular basis – we cook in the office. This Thursday is ‘pensenkermis’ with bread and blood sausage from our beloved butcher.

+ Steven makes sure we don’t go nuts over a lack of nuts. Did you know one of the biggest European nut exporters is a Brussels based company that started around the corner of our office? Their nuts can be found all over Brussels and the world apparently.

There you go! With sharing just a few of our daily practices, we’re hoping to inspire some of you to ‘green up’ your business.