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With the holiday season quickly approaching, numerous websites have already started to make their ‘end of the year’ lists. You probably have noticed how online stores have already tried to lure you into buying everything in the top sellers list in the Christmas gifts category.

It appears that (paper) books are still one of the most frequently bought Christmas gifts. And rightfully so! I mean books are really personable, last forever, can broaden someone’s mind and are really easy to wrap which is a criterium I surprisingly find very important.

By Bernard Polet

The last few years books also seem to have become the new pinnacle of success for communication agencies and entrepreneurs alike. A book is still the ultimate proof of knowledge and know-how. Our whole education system may be rapidly following the digital evolution but even today, schools still build our eduction on paper sources. Since Gutenberg, our DNA seems to be configured with the conviction that only specialists can write books and only credible, smart and true writers are allowed to publish books. Or not?

These days, more than ever, a book is probably more credible than any digital source you may consult on the internet. Is a book the last credible source of non fake news? Or are we just waiting for someone to blow the cover on that one too? Either way, it seems marketeers have now found their way to autopromoting themselves or their agency via a good old paper book. We are surrounded by specialists showing off their skills on paper. Consultants, agencies, professional keynote speakers,… seem to all be needing their own book to sound credible. There are a number of excellent editions that are highly recommendable. But for a bunch of writers, known to be amongst the early adopters and more ecologically responsible folks around, it strikes me that not a single soul has brought up the ecological issue of cutting down trees to print these books.

In our business of activation, we are always looking for the best medium to activate our target, and a few years ago, we decided the best way to activate barista’s was… a book. In order to support the presence and usage of Alpro in coffee bars, it seemed we needed to educate the target. We did not suggest an app, a fancy brochure or one-to-one workshops… we decided to make a book about everything that can be added to coffee: sugar, milk, honey, plant based products, etc… The title of the book? I take my coffee black. Our educational approach worked: 4 years further we have edited the book in English, Dutch, German, Hungarian & Russian. 

Now this was work for a client, not a promotional book.  But alas, I have to plead guilty… for a second tree massacre…

As one of the four WonderWeekend fathers I have participated in editing the magnificent WonderWeekend book, the only book that turns every single one of your weekends into a WonderWeekend. Edited by Lannoo, we had a nice presence at the Antwerp ‘Boekenbeurs’ and hope to find our book wrapped as a x-mas present under many trees this season. 

Arguments in favor of this cut-down tree turned into a DIY book for mums & dads: we are the founders of the only family festival in Belgium, that is entering its 4th year and has received raving reviews amongst both families and journalists.

Voilà, this piece of shameless autopromotion was digital. Curious to see how good this one works. To give it a live boost, we will reward the first 5 emailers with a real paper book that is if you tell us why you think paper is still a good idea! 

Meanwhile, enjoy the holidays, and the books you might/will receive!