Light at the end of the tunnel

So here we are, walking down streets with people wearing masks side by side with others just enjoying a good run in the sun without any protection whatsoever. It seems David Lynch and Wes Anderson were in dystopian versions of reality after all. I’m on the lookout for the log lady every evening and I’m looking for ‘Boy with Apple’ on second hand sites.
The world is in lockdown. People are dying. Stockmarkets are collapsing. Governments are burning cash to preserve the tought of a stable future and consumers are hoarding as if World War III just started. A few positive signs from China predict a brighter future and an end to the madness we are living…

At Indiandribble we postponed no less than 9 events just days before lockdown, and since then the guesstimation of the new postponed dates are moving further away day by day. We’re not even sure these events and activations will still happen this year.

 A growing number of clients are reaching out to get ready for their post Corona reboot. So in the next few weeks we’d like to shed a light on the post corona future of business. Your business and… our business. We’ll be exploring what the ‘new normal’ could look like. A list of the topics to come: 

The home and the workplace
remote work, the physical office, co-working, online tools,
the home as a shelter, staycations

Consumer values
how FMCG, buying local, luxury, retail and fashion could evolve

Restaurants, Cafés & Coffeebars
 survival scenarios, new business models, next level home delivery,
packaging & communication

 contactless payment and delivery, online shopping, delivery boxes,
pickup locations, privacy, face recognition …

Bingewatching, podcasts, virtual museum visits and online art fairs, live streaming opera’s and concerts, livingroom concerts and pop-up theatre in the supermarket