Doing a good deed has never been easier.

After last year’s personalised cake pops, you probably thought that things couldn’t get any better. And you were right, they don’t. Because this year, we won’t be doling out gifts to any of our customers. Don’t worry, we still like you! It’s just that Christmas is about turkeys trees toys togetherness, and we wanted to do something for BXLRefugees. A mere stone’s throw away from our office, this charity supports refugees and promotes solidarity between citizens and migrants. We will donate our entire Christmas budget to them and … we’d like you to chip in, too!

Extra Large Package I €40

Refugees need shoes that can handle all kinds of weather and are comfortable. Enter our XL package.

Large Package I €25

Have you been outside without a coat? With the cold months ahead, a warm sweater is an absolute necessity.

Medium Package I €15

Give a backpack to those in need. We picked out a great model that is wind and rain resistant.

Small Package I €5

Donate a food package consisting of rice and pasta. A small gesture but so impactful for many in need.