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Wondering about the weekenD

So your kids are growing up and it's time to start sharing the important stuff with them. Playtime with wooden blocks and choo choo trains is over. It's time for the serious shit. You want to take your five year old to a festival. A real festival. A place where you can share the 'real festival' spirit. Together.

So you start investigating… You notice that every ‘family friendly’ festival, basically puts up an inflatable castle for the kids or makes sure there are kid friendly headphones available. Grmpf… not exactly what we had in mind when wanting to feel the festival vibe with our kids. Interestingly enough, my five year old also knows festival people sleep in tents and stay up really late without a bouncing castle in sight. A quick check with fools, friends & family confirmed that the options were limited, i.e. nonexistent. 

A festival that becomes a wondrous world where amazement is the key ingredient and where both parents and kids can share this amazement.
Bernard Polet
Founder Indiandribble

So what do you do when you’re in the activation business and are looking for something that doesn’t exist? You start your own festival! After putting together the must-haves and teaming up with three other founding fathers we imagined a festival called WonderWeekend. An event where parents and children can experience the festival vibe together. A wondrous world where amazement is the key ingredient and where both parents and kids can share this amazement of nature, performance, music or even simple things as eating with your hands, watching the stars or lighting a torch for a nightly walk in the woods. A festival that also wants to do good. That’s why more than 50% of our proceeds goes to SOS Kinderdorpen.

Now in its third year, WonderWeekend has proven to be an answer to a real need in the market. This year we’ll welcome about 5,000 parents and children in the Plantentuin Meise. The program? Spending 24 hours with your kids in an enchanting environment where parents and children are amazed by a restaurant without cutlery, a beach without sand, enjoying a walk with alpaca’s, roasting marshmallows on an open fire or enjoying a theatre show in the woods… 

Financing the whole operation has proven a difficult task. The offer we set-up can serve an audience of 2,000, 5,000 or 10,000 but the minimum investment needs a few 1,000 visitors to cover the basics. Luckily a number of loyal partners help us to realise the event. This year we will put up an adventurous permanent “Barefoot Path” with Brantano. In collaboration with Lidl we will install a greenhouse where kids and parents will be able to pick their veggies fresh off the plants. And finally, with Weber we coach families to light up their own barbecue and grill their meat to perfection. We would love to welcome you too as a partner, parent or both! 😉

This year, we’ll be releasing the first WonderWeekend book that will allow parents and children to share the amazement of life all year long. In 2019 we will present our first ever WonderWeekend in The Netherlands. Wondrous times ahead! Call us if you want to find out more!