Pick your colour

Last month, we unleashed our inner coffee freak – again – by representing Alpro at the Amsterdam Coffee Festival. This edition, we focused on their wide range of products and their endless, delicious possibilities. Out came the ‘Pick Your Colour’ wall. Read all about our plant based adventure here!

Take a break, be happy

Nationale Nederlanden are introducing a ‘Fika Moment’. Basically, it’s a when all employees put down their work and enjoy a little informal break with their colleagues. We’re currently touring various companies to treat everyone to a coffee, brekkie or afternoon cake in our pop-up bar.

VW packs a punch

We were asked to help deliver a great idea: make construction workers slam the doors of the new Volkswagen Crafter. Proving that this really is one hell of a solid van.

Team desert

We did some great team building. On a quad. In the desert. In Marrakesh.

Give ’em pumpkin to talk about

Last Halloween we treated the little ones who visited Plopsaland to a special Halloween experience. Discover here how Lidl made sure everyone received the perfect souvenir. Pssst, it involves a whole lotta pumpkin.

Micro Adventure – Big Impact!

To showcase the Famous Grouse customers how important it is to receive the perfect blend, we decided to organise an incredible micro adventure. A couple of lucky customers received an unforgettable experience at the Kasteelhoeve in Wange. From a guided hike around the domain, a workshop around the brewing process to (of course) a whisky degustation around the bonfire. We definitely gave our lucky attendees a night to remember!

Lidl’s Snoepermarkt

We were asked to create an innovative activation for Lidl that would focus on fresh fruit and vegetables. Out came the ‘Lidl Snoepermarkt’ because what’s fresher and more magical than vegetables that you eat … right off the plant? Uhm, nothing!

Kunst in Huis

For the Kunst in Huis communication campaign, we decided to peak inside the home of 8 passionate and very different KIH clients. We translated the imagery and interviews in a personalised edition in De Standaard newspaper where you could learn all about the Kunst in Huis services through the experiences of their customers.

How to deal with stress

We recently stumbled upon the hit parade of most stressful jobs of 2018. And who knew, Event Coordinators score extremely high on the job stress level. Experiencing first hand the impact stress has had on us and colleagues, it seems we have acquired a lot of habits over the years that helps us manage this. Discover our tips and tricks here. Let the healing begin.

Life with Payconiq, it’s funtastiq

We had the time of our lives this summer with the Payconiq Funtastiq booth. Designed to give all Payconiq users the party experience they were looking for! Read all about it here! 

Jordans National Breakfast Day

On Friday September 7 we launched the Jordans National Breakfast Day. A delicious occasion to showcase our love of breakfast with our other passion: coffee! The idea is simple. The first 100 visitors that order a hot drink at one of the participating coffee bars receives a free breakfast. The result? A very successful and of course appetizing morning all over Belgium!

INDR’S Winter Guide

We know. It’s not winter yet and let us get this straight. We are not the type of people that start hanging Christmas decorations at the first sight of a falling leaf. But! We did make a list of cool workshops you can take to get through the long winter nights.

Let’s get real here!

Ever wondered what it’s really like to work at INDR? Annelies gives you the lowdown on what’s happening at the craziest agency in town and gives 7 tips on how to survive in the activation business! Read all about it here! 

I don’t want your freedom

Now that this long hot summer is coming to an end… It’s time to ask ourselves: did we truly let go of our daily chores and did we enjoy this tropical summer as we should have? Turns out, we all have trouble switching off from the daily grind and this results in some interesting new event concepts. Read all about how INDR is handling this transition.

Lee Cooper

We had a great time at Extrema Outdoor Belgium with our special edition Lee Cooper caravan. A few lucky attendees had an amazing luxury glamping experience! Read all about our fabulous camper here! 

The INDR family is expanding!

We’re looking for a new project manager to join our team! Get in touch via hello@indiandribble.com to apply!

The moral ethics of the self driving car

Admit it, somewhere we’re all dreaming about self driving cars, drone grocery drops and household robots who can turn us humans into lazy moguls on a fixed income. After the recent deadly crash with a self-driving Uber it seems we’re not quite there yet…  The difficulties of our AI driven future lie in a number of elements currently underexposed in mainstream media. The Uber crash illustrated just that. “Who will police behavior in digital spaces or do we relinquish decision making to AI?” Continue reading here!